In June 2016 a unique sculpture exhibition is opening at The Royal Djurgården, Stockholm with one of the Art world’s most acclaimed artists, Tony Cragg. The exhibition is initiated by Prince Daniel and arranged by Galleri Andersson/Sandström in collaboration with the Royal Djurgården Administration. Five grand sculptures by Tony Cragg will bi exhibited. One of the them, Points of View, is a 6.5 meters tall sculpture in stainless steel.

When the most essential sculptors in contemporary art are listed, Tony Cragg is a vital name. Since his breakthrough in 1979, Cragg has received the Turner Prize, the ‘Nobel Prize’ of the Arts, the Praemium Imperiale, and had over 250 solo exhibitions at museums and galleries all over the world such as The Louvre (Paris), MACRO (Rome) and Tate Gallery (Liverpool). During 2016, two larger retrospective exhibitions with Cragg will be running at The State Hermitage Museum (St Petersburg) and at Von der Heydt – Museum (Wuppertal).

The exhibition at Djurgården will consist of five monumental sculptures where two are placed by the water below Rosendal Palace while the others will be installed along the boardwalk below Swedish National Museum of Science and Technology and The Museum of Ethnography.

The artistic clout of the sculptures is founded in a distinct visual language with astonishing material properties. The powerful sculptures may at first glimpse look like something that does not come from our time, but instead have been designed by nature itself over thousands of years. For visitors on Djurgården, this will be an exclusive opportunity to experience the eminence of Cragg’s works in an environment where it is presented best.

Galleri Andersson/Sandström has an extensive experience in producing sculpture exhibitions. During more than 20 years the gallery has collaborated with Balticgruppen in Umeå and founded Umedalen skulpturpark. It was during one of the visits to the sculpture park in 2014 that brought the Crown Princess Couple the idea of the exhibition at Djurgården, initiated by Prince Daniel. It is with great pleasure that the gallery organizes a temporary sculpture exhibition in Stockholm, in collaboration with the Royal Djurgården Administration.

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